Waiheke Budgeting Services Trust

what we do

We can help you regain control - our mission is to advise, assist, educate and empower individuals and families in the Waiheke community around budgeting, debt management, and financial capability.

We are not a government organisation - our service is free and completely confidential. We do not judge or tell you how to live. We understand that financial pressure can cause family/relationship stress and other life problems.

Our advisers are qualified and experienced - we can help you refine your household budget, address debt, and teach you skills to increase your financial capability. We will advocate for you with government departments and support you in negotiations with creditors.


Funding and Support

The Waiheke Budgeting Service receives operational funding from the following sources:

Lotteries Community

Foundation North


Community Organisations Grant Scheme

Waiheke Local Board

New Hope Trust

Ministry of Social Development

We are also very well supported by the local Waiheke community. A full list of donors is published annually in the Gulf News in early January.

The Waiheke Budgeting Services Trust would like to sincerely thank all donors - as an NGO we are reliant on this support. 




Waiheke Budgeting Services Trust

6 Putiki Rd

Waiheke Island

ph 372 6300

Hours:  Tuesday 9-4, Wednesday 9-2, Thursday 9-2, Friday 9-2